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English Pronunciation Course (Book+Audio)

Title: English Pronunciation Course
Level: ESL learners or beginner
Author(s): Okanagan College
Pupblisher: OUC International
Date: 2007
Pages: 271
Size: 170 Mb
Format: PDF + MP3 + mov
Quality: Excellent
Language: American English

Learn how to make your English sound fluent and smooth like a native speaker's.

1) Level: Beginner ESL Course of Phonetics
2) Start with ‘English Pronunciation Course.doc’ (MsWord 2003) with clickable links to open the related docs (pdf, mp3, mov) divided into units
3) 13 Units (pdf+mp3+mov) with Answer Keys (pdf)
• mp3 – 192 kBit, 44 Mhz, Stereo – 13 files altogether
• mov – Quick Time video files - 314 x 240 – 7 files altogether

Unit 1 - TH [Ѳ], as in THINK, BATHROOM, and TEETH
Unit 2 - TH [ð], as in THOSE, MOTHER and SOOTHE
Unit 3 - [l] and [r], as in COLLECT, CORRECT, LAMB, and RAM
Unit 4 - [i:] and [I], as in SEEN and SIN
Unit 5 - [s], [∫], and [t∫]
Unit 6 - [v] and [w], as in Vine and Wine
Unit 7 - [dʒ] and [ʒ], as George and Zsa-Zsa
Unit 8 - [e] and [æ], as in BET and BAT
Unit 9 - The Schwa [ə]
Unit 10 - Vowel + R
Unit 11 - [p] and [f], as in PAT and FAT
Unit 12 - [^], [æ], [o], [e] and [a], as in tummy, Tammy, Tommy, Betty and tatami
Unit 13 - [h], [hw] and [f], as in hail, whale and fail
Answer Keys!!!

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